Whether in the private or commercial sector – vehicle loading areas should be coated in such a way that the transport of different goods does not cause any damage to the vehicle. This is exactly what our nashornhaut® special coating is made for.

We differentiate between the various vehicle types and address the different specifications here:


We coat PickUp loading areas with a layer thickness of around 3-5 millimetres. For visual reasons, we keep the final edge slightly thinner. It takes us around 3 to 4 hours to coat a complete loading area in our workshop in Niesky. We are happy to take this time, which is why we ask you to make an appointment. The clear advantage of this procedure is that after this time you can use your vehicle as normal and take it out on the road.


When it comes to coating loading areas in vans, customer requirements vary greatly. We can vary the area to be coated: just the floor, on the side walls up to the required height or the entire load compartment. In addition, insulation and ventilation can be installed in the cargo area in advance. The coating creates a seamless protective layer, preventing water or other liquids from reaching the interior of the body. This allows for easy cleaning of cargo spaces and prevents corrosion in hard-to-reach areas.


For motorhome roofs, the aim is to protect against external influences such as weather damage. For example, paint damage from hail can be prevented. The complete sealing of the roof surface with nashornhaut® also protects against moisture penetration. Even wet cells treated with our coating keep the water within the cell without affecting other areas.


Even watercraft can benefit from our nashornhaut®. Our coating can withstand both salt water and chemicals. The coating on deck is useful to prevent water ingress. In addition, the nashornhaut® provides an anti-slip surface and also protects against wear caused by mechanical damage.


Our customers benefit from these properties of the coatings in every version:

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We have been the general importer of Rhino Linings™ products in Europe since September 2018. This makes us your distribution partner for the world’s leading manufacturer of sprayable polyurethane coating systems. With Rhino Linings™ products, you benefit from decades of experience in extremely durable coatings. Rhino Linings™ stands for innovation and pioneering new developments. The company has made a name for itself not only in the construction sector, but also in industry and infrastructure. In the meantime, the products have also conquered private applications. We rely on the high quality that enables us to fulfil the justifiably high expectations of our customers.