Time and again, customers come to us with special requests, requirements and demands. These include customised products, polyurethane casting, the coating of sports equipment, sculptures and much more.

Another major area is coloured quartz floors, decorative floors and hall floors, which not only need to be very robust but also visually appealing.

We love the challenge and are always happy to take it on. Because unusual projects are the salt in our soup – we are always proud when our nashornhaut® becomes part of special objects. That’s what makes us and our partners grow again and again, because every challenge we master brings us a little more expertise, which we bring to other projects.

Simply get in touch. Together we will find the perfect solution for you for every type of coating in a wide range of applications.

After more than 20 years of working in this industry and an incredible number of projects that we have created with our customers, we can justifiably say that no challenge is too big and no project too small. We can professionally coat and permanently protect individual objects and parts as well as series productions. The first thing we need to know is what you have in mind. There are no limits to your imagination. Tell us what you want and we will use all our specialist knowledge and expertise to fulfil your vision.

We look forward to it.


Our customers benefit from these properties of the coatings in every version:

Exclusive Distribution Partner

nashornhaut® – General Importer

of Rhino Linings™ Corp. USA in Europe

We have been the general importer of Rhino Linings™ products in Europe since September 2018. This makes us your distribution partner for the world’s leading manufacturer of sprayable polyurethane coating systems. With Rhino Linings™ products, you benefit from decades of experience in extremely durable coatings. Rhino Linings™ stands for innovation and pioneering new developments. The company has made a name for itself not only in the construction sector, but also in industry and infrastructure. In the meantime, the products have also conquered private applications. We rely on the high quality that enables us to fulfil the justifiably high expectations of our customers.