The range of public applications extends from the various areas in cities or municipalities to various leisure facilities and the transport of foodstuffs, which must comply with explicit safety regulations. We can fulfil all these aspects with our work. Depending on the requirements, the coating we choose can utilise all of its qualities:

Nashornhaut® protects flat roofs of public buildings from water ingress. The roofs can thus be excellently waterproofed.

Gritting and sweeping machines are exposed to very high loads. They are constantly in contact with salt and moisture. This ensures that the equipment wears out quickly. Coating with nashornhaut® allows the machines to be used for much longer.

There is intensive contact with water and chemicals in all areas of wastewater management. The containers corrode quickly and the special protection of our nashornhaut® gives them a much longer service life.

Cooling cells must be able to contain temperatures and air quality inside and also be easy to clean. This is exactly what our surface coating achieves in this area.

Public swimming pools pose a further challenge. However, this is not just about surface protection – the surfaces must be protected against the ingress of water. In addition, it must not be too slippery here – an essential safety factor. The anti-slip surface of nashornhaut® was already confirmed by TÜV Süd in 2008. As leisure facilities, public swimming pools must also be able to compete visually with their private rivals. Thanks to our broad RAL colour spectrum, we are able to offer nashornhaut® in all shapes and in many colours – a clear advantage.

Our special coating is even a safe solution for animals in their dens. Nashornhaut® is absolutely non-toxic and emits neither gases nor unpleasant odours. Animals can be placed on the surfaces again without hesitation just 24 hours after the coating has been applied. Water can also be poured into aquariums or water landscapes without any problems after this time.

During transport in the food industry, it is important that surfaces are reliably watertight and airtight. Easy cleaning must also be guaranteed. This is precisely the case with nashornhaut®. We seamlessly seal edges and joints with our coating.


Our customers benefit from these properties of the coatings in every version:

Exclusive Distribution Partner

nashornhaut® – General Importer

of Rhino Linings™ Corp. USA in Europe

We have been the general importer of Rhino Linings™ products in Europe since September 2018. This makes us your distribution partner for the world’s leading manufacturer of sprayable polyurethane coating systems. With Rhino Linings™ products, you benefit from decades of experience in extremely durable coatings. Rhino Linings™ stands for innovation and pioneering new developments. The company has made a name for itself not only in the construction sector, but also in industry and infrastructure. In the meantime, the products have also conquered private applications. We rely on the high quality that enables us to fulfil the justifiably high expectations of our customers.