In industry, regardless of the sector, machines and components are often exposed to strong forces: Liquids of various types and effects, as well as different materials, some of which hit surfaces at high pressure. It is therefore problematic for any company to have to constantly replace machine parts because the surfaces are too badly damaged to continue working safely. With our nashornhaut® special coating, we provide customised protection for machine parts and systems that are subject to such high levels of wear.

We are guided by the requirements of our customers and select the coating according to the load. The coating thickness can be between 2 millimetres and 2 centimetres. Areas that are subject to particularly heavy wear can also be reworked individually. In this way our customers can avoid cost-intensive replacement of steel parts.

Another effect of the nashornhaut® is sound insulation. Noise can be a real stress factor for employees, especially in production and other industrial environments. A coating with nashornhaut® can minimise this and reduce noise pollution in the surrounding area. Thanks to the high elasticity of nashornhaut®, it can also withstand vibrations and can also be used on vibrating machine parts for wear and noise protection. As far as the size of the machinable parts is concerned, there are no limits due to the processing technology. This enables us to coat parts of any size and shape with the same high quality. Our special coatings can be applied to almost all substrates. However, our customers do not just rely on our precise workmanship. Thanks to the wide RAL colour spectrum of the material, colour markings can also be incorporated into the coating.

Wear protection

Sound insulation

Coating of small parts



Our customers benefit from these properties of the coatings in every version:

Exclusive Distribution Partner

nashornhaut® – General Importer

of Rhino Linings™ Corp. USA in Europe

We have been the general importer of Rhino Linings™ products in Europe since September 2018. This makes us your distribution partner for the world’s leading manufacturer of sprayable polyurethane coating systems. With Rhino Linings™ products, you benefit from decades of experience in extremely durable coatings. Rhino Linings™ stands for innovation and pioneering new developments. The company has made a name for itself not only in the construction sector, but also in industry and infrastructure. In the meantime, the products have also conquered private applications. We rely on the high quality that enables us to fulfil the justifiably high expectations of our customers.